Impact Assesment at BBVAMF

Impact Assesment at BBVAMF

The Foundation has a Social Impact Assessment model that allows us to access economic and social information about our clients. Our goal is to safeguard BBVAMF’s mission and provide strategic feedback that may adjust the value proposition to address clients’ needs and maximize impact.

In order to understand and support entrepreneurs, and to meet their goals, we rely on the information they provide us when they contract a product and throughout our relationship with them.

We collect this data since 2011, with more complete data for credit clients.

After tracking our clients’ performance for years, we have defined a simple, practical model (standardized across the Group) through which we learn and study over the passage of time:

  • The social characteristics of each client (gender, educational level, type of housing, etc.)
  • The surroundings in which they operate (rural/urban).
  • The type of businesses they are running (sector, assets, sales figures, etc.).
  • Their relationship with the microfinance institution (loan amount, etc.).

This enables us to study the progess of microentrepreneurs and analyze the improvements they make within their households, which in turn benefits their community more widely.


This model is:

  • Simple and accessible to all stakeholders, as well as operationally and financially viable
  • Embedded in management: the commercial and operational strategy can be linked to practical social performance indicators
  • Auditable: data collection and analysis is accurate, transparent and complete.

The Foundation analyzes client performance but does not attribute to itself the causality of the impacts.

There is great potential for continuing to move towards understanding of the vulnerable entrepreneur’s performance, which is the main source of our knowledge.