Impact Assesment at BBVAMF

Client knowledge

In the Foundation we advocate analysis and research. This allows us to position the client at a particular stage of their development cycle, to better understand their needs and to tailor our value proposition to those needs.

Strategy cornerstones:

  • Analysis of client profiles, classifying and storing their economic and social information
    • Robust and recurrent information of the entrepreneurs served.
  • Measurement of the progress and level of development of our clients
    • New methodologies are incorporated
    • Data analytics are used
  • Establishment of relationships between customer progress and their relationship with our financial institutions, which promotes policies to improve impact
    • Social impact objectives are defined
    • Studies with social metrics to generate value proposals for the client and the organization
    • Partnerships that allow us to go further

Results are published in our annual Social Performance Report, ensuring transparency and traceability.