Women’s empowerment

Our Goal

To empower women economically so their enterprises can flourish, and improve their ability to impact their families and communities’ wellbeing, education and health.

Our contribution to SDG5


The female entrepreneurs we serve


 The Challenge

We are the top global contributor to gender equality initiatives according to the OECD

The lives of many women in Latin America are marked by the lack of labor opportunities and the excessive amount of time dedicated to unpaid work. Both limit their possibilities to generate income  and result in their economic dependence, informal employment or entrepreneurship, where financial inclusion is key. BBVA Microfinance Foundation, through its institutions, offers solutions to serve these women’s economic needs, increase their confidence and create supporting networks. 

Source: OECD Report – Development finance for gender equality and women’s empowerment: A 2021 snapshot


The Opportunity

Serving female entrepreneurs, who face higher vulnerability rates than men, is to invest on the future. They are true cornerstones of a country’s development, for their essential contribution to their families’ progress and those of their communities, driving inclusive and sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

The Strategy

Aware of this reality and in accordance with its purpose, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation pays special attention to female entrepreneurs. Boosting their economic autonomy has played and still plays, a very relevant role in all the microfinance institutions who are part  of the BBVAMF Group.

Our strategy is based on three pillars:

Value proposition

Internal Equality