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An unprecedented economic scenario

In our footprint*

The steepest GDP fall in the historical series GDP in our footprint*

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2020 data estimated by BBVA Research

*Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama

5.4 million newly unemployed at the end of the first half

5.7 million newly poor in 2020

Percentage of the population in poverty


Inequality returns to the levels of 10 years ago

GINI index1 is maximum inequality, 0 is maximum equality

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Test of resilience for people in vulnerability

Entrepreneurs face financial stress during the crisis. To deal with it, their first buffer is their family savings

Entrepreneurs have sought out sources of financing and have reconfigured their businesses, adapting them to the changed circumstances. In the worst moments of the crisis, institutions have worked with them, offering them financial solutions that meet their needs.

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Reduction in incomes from their businesses

1 in every 3

entrepreneurs is severely affected, either because they lost 6 months of income or because their business is still closed

2 in every 3 clients declare their business is their main source of income

Their average monthly net income is USD 188*

*Average business surplus per household member, all entrepreneurs.

Their savings capacity has been wiped out

...totally, for over 50% of entrepreneurs.

State grants are necessary initial measures, but they are not enough

Measures taken by entrepreneurs


Home delivery


Change of strategic direction


of entrepreneurs have taken some action

Main financial solutions offered by BBVAMF’s financial institutions

Grace periods

58% of total portfolio (to July)

Restructuring and reprogramming

their loans 34%* of the portfolio (to December)

New and renewed loans

50% of the portfolio (to December)

*7% of the portfolio is still in a grace period


speeding up digitalization for the most vulnerable

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Digital itinerary

From client service to self-managed solutions

  • 01


    • Online loans
    • Document manager
    • Virtual visits
  • 02


    • Higher limits for withdrawals
    • Monetary transactions
    • Non-financial transactions
  • 03


    • Self-service finance
    • Multisaving
    • Digital onboarding
    • Security
  • 04


    • Financial education
    • Connectivity
    • Marketplace vending platform
    • Digital identity
  • 05

    Challenges & needs met

    • Security and virtual contact between people
    • Fewer trips to bank branches
    • Self-service wherever possible for entrepreneurs
    • Simple, secure user experience
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Mitigating the gender gap with a differentiated value-added offering

The pandemic has accentuated gender inequality, increasing the time that women spend on unpaid domestic and care work and sharply impacting the types of jobs that are mostly done by women

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We have designed packages for them, to look after their:

  • Health

    • Healthcare insurance
    • Cancer insurance
    • Breast cancer detection partnerships
  • Home

    • Surveys on the impact of Covid-19 on care
    • Awareness campaigns about gender roles in the home, self-care and preventing gender-based violence
  • Business

    • Online meetings for group lending and Palabra de Mujer
    • Online advice on financial literacy and business management
    • Training in digital skills & digital marketing
    • Access to networks

Promoting actions that are positive for the environment

We work with our entrepreneurs using inclusive green finance to reduce the main climate change risks and raise the productivity of their businesses and surrounding conditions

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recipient entrepreneurs

USD 26,146,338

to implement environmentally friendly measures


Measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Climate & farming insurance

Water, sanitation and sustainable infrastructure