‘Héroes’, BBVAMF’s innovative training tool lands at Edufin Summit, the financial education global event

BBVA’s auditorium has become the epicenter of financial education for two days in a row, and for a brief moment, it also turned into a gaming site, where all were “Heroes”. For several minutes, financial education specialists, students and journalists have had a first-hand experience on BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s mission.

Through several stages of the game developed by the Foundation to train its employees, the audience had the chance to accompany Alicia during her daily routine. Thanks to this female rural entrepreneur, the players were able to see for themselves what kinds of problems people like her faces, mostly due to lack of information or opportunity.

Portada heroes, juego FMBBVA

‘Héroes’, the game BBVA Microfinance Foundation developed to give users a first.-hand experience of its mission

This is one of the objectives of BBVAMF, to reach these people, who day by day, struggle to have a better life, and avoid being over-indebted to informal lenders. With its six microfinance institutions, BBVAMF brings them closer to the financial system, making capacity building and financial management training available to them as well.

“’Héroes’ provides an interactive experience which recreates the relationship of a loan officer with our entrepreneurs. It allows the player to witness the impact of our work on development”, guaranteed the head of the Foundation’s Microfinance Campus, Fabián Goldberg. This game strengthens the commitment of more than 8,000 employees of the Foundation’s Group, by seeing for themselves the everyday lives of millions of people in Latin America, and the millions of projects and dreams they have, as well as their desire for their children to have a better life.

For all those Edufin Summit 2019 attendants who had the chance to take a glimpse of this world, were also able to “live” the Foundation’s reason for being, and while there are people –heroes– who depend on entrepreneurship to progress, there will be loan officers –also heroes, themselves– who will travel as many kilometers as necessary to accompany them.