Banco Adopem holds workshop on financial literacy for young Dominicans

Banco Adopem, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s MFI in the Dominican Republic, held a workshop on financial literacy for the youth, together with Alejandro Fernández W, financial analyst and managing director of the Dominican financial website, Argentarium.

Attended by some 200 young people, mostly university students, the workshop aimed to facilitate them basic financial know-how, helping them learn to better manage their finances.

Mercedes Canalda, Executive President of Banco Adopem, discussed how such initiatives meet the institution’s goal of providing a teaching platform to support the processes of future users of the country’s banking and financial system.

Alejandro Fernández explained that these workshops are intended to “build up the assets and well-being of individuals, whether as employees or entrepreneurs.”  In line with that goal, the workshop covered all aspects of the financial cycle, from credit access and acquiring their first vehicle, to how retirement plans.