ADOPEM holds the annual meeting with banking subagents

9 December 2016
Banco Adopem

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s bank in the Dominican Republic has held the third annual meeting with ADOPEM Express banking subagents. The aim is to create a space for exchange and dialog on behaviors and practices that reflect the Bank’s values, integrity, passion and service vocation as well as its commitment.

Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, the bank’s executive president, said that with these events ADOPEM seeks to share experiences, stories and valuable information to contribute to a better performance by the subagents in their town. During this meeting she stressed the bank’s commitment to financial inclusion through the channels of the banking network.

Ricardo Canalda, member of the Board of Directors, welcomed the participants and highlighted the obvious and sustained growth of the subagents, which has had a positive impact on their communities.


Workshops and talks given at this annual meeting

At the workshop “ADOPEM, passion and commitment”, Sharon Aiko, executive manager of the European Management School, highlighted the bank’s values, as well as the integrity, passion and service vocation of the subagents.

During the talk “Know your Bank”, Mariano Frontera, product and channel manager, presented the range of ADOPEM’s products. In addition, the operations vice-president Fernando Pérez talked about the benefits of belonging to the network and about the bank’s vision.

Certificates and gifts were presented to the participants during this annual meeting.