Progress on gender equality “far too slow”, according to the OECD

According to the report “The Pursuit of Gender Equality, An Uphill Battle”, published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developmen (OECD), the registered progress in gender equality since 2012 (publishing date of the last report on the subject) is “far too slow”.

The organization makes a reminder that the pursuit for gender equality must be a priority to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth, in the benefit of all citizens. Women are catalysts in a country’s progress, that is why their economic empowerment is essential. This report confirms that “when women do work, they are more likely to do it on a part-time basis, are less likely to advance to management positions, are more likely to face discrimination, and earn less than men.” Furthermore, according to data, female workers earn almost 15% less than her male counterpart, on average, a rate that has barely changed since 2010.

Nevertheless, many places have begun to set things into motion. Almost two-thirds of OECD countries have introduced equal pay policies and others are deploying means to facilitate access to quality education.