Actualidad Peru

Basic Accounts Regulations

SBS Resolution 2891-2018

On July 25, Peru's Banking, Insurance and Pension-Fund Management Authority (SBS) passed the Basic Accounts Regulations to extend financial inclusion in the country and harmonize the standards applicable to basic accounts with those for simplified e-money accounts.

As set out in the draft bill, which we analyzed in issue 14 of Progreso, the regulations cover the terms and features of basic accounts, among them the thresholds on transactions and balances that should apply to these types of accounts. So, given that the regulations aim to further financial inclusion, basic accounts can be opened simply by presenting a national identity card or foreigner's residence card and the client's current address.

Unlike the draft bill published in December 2017, the regulation has removed the obligation on companies in the financial system to implement training programs for customer-facing staff, and also the requirement to set up channels for presenting claims and complaints in, at least: (i) the public branch network; and (ii) a telephone, digital and/or website customer service channel.

The regulation, which will come into force on October 1, 2018, will amend the regulations on transactions with electronic money, together with the regulations on additional customer-service channels incumbent on companies in the financial system and e-money issuers, as well as revoking SBS Resolution 2108-2011, amending the additional anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism standards.