Financiera Confianza, the first Peruvian entity in Outreach category to microenterprises and retailers according to the “Microfinance Americas: Top 100 of 2014” ranking

13 November 2014
Financiera Confianza

Financiera Confianza is the first Peruvian entity to provide credit to microentrepreneurs and retailers according to the report “Microfinance Americas: Top 100 of 2014”, prepared by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and the Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc. Furthermore, it is the bank that rose the most notches in the Microenterprise Scale category, climbing from 35th place in 2012 to 19th in 2013, i.e. up 16 notches.

The entity ranks 53 in the composite ranking of the best microfinance institutions in 2014. The bank was also ranked third in the Outreach category, measuring the expansion of access to financial services regarding microenterprise loans, retail deposit accounts and market penetration in these areas.

For the last ten years, the ranking has been assessing three main values (Outreach, Efficiency and Transparency) of microfinance institutions that have had positive returns in the previous year and have a minimum of 5,000 active loans at the end of the fiscal year. In the 2014 edition 229 microfinance institutions were analyzed by evaluating their performance data at the end of 2013.

Financiera Confianza is a leader in the microfinance sector, with more than half a million customers and a large network of agencies in 24 regions in Peru. Its methodology, Productive Finance, implies a responsible credit assessment, looking to generate surpluses in the businesses of its customers, as evidenced by its social performance data: in 2013, its customers’ sales increased by 16% and the surpluses of its businesses grew by 17%; and 27% of its customers, who were poor, managed to work their way out of poverty. In 2013 the company provided services to 84,406 new customers.

Financiera Confianza has the network with the greatest rural outreach in the country and in the last year alone it has allowed 41,290 of its customers to get credit for the first time in the formal financial system.

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