“Bancamía Digital”, one of the most innovative projects en Latin America

4 April 2019

Bancamía Digital App, an initiative of BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s Colombian institution has been named one of the top innovative projects in 2019 by Fintech Americas. This application has created a mobility tool for loan officers, which allows them to open credit and savings accounts right where clients conduct their activities. This is an important improvement to their standards of living, especially for low-income entrepreneurs, as it saves them time and money by not having to physically visit a branch office. At the same time, financial inclusion contributes to the progress of their livelihoods.


“Accelerating transformation” is this year’s theme, having selected 25 projects from Latin America and the Caribbean, among more than a hundred candidates. These initiatives transform the financial sector, and according to Fintech Americas, ones that will inspire others to keep on driving innovation “that will make financial services faster, more accessible and inclusive, helping propel the people and economies of the region forward.”

Miguel Ángel Charria, Bancamía’s executive president, will receive this award during the Fintech Americas Conference next 30 and 31st of May in Miami Beach.