Financiera Confianza supported 20,000 entrepreneurs in Cajamarca in 2014

67% of the region’s entrepreneurs who were served last year were in a vulnerable situation and 14% of them escaped poverty.

18 February 2015
Financiera Confianza

Financiera Confianza has opened its revamped agency in Cajamarca, located at Jr. Apurímac 645, to further contribute to its activity to support the productive development of low-income entrepreneurs in the region.

The office’s inauguration, which was attended by Cajamarca authorities and customers, was led by the Deputy General Sales Manager of Financiera Confianza, Martín Santa María and Maruja Requeijo, chosen sponsor of the agency for being one of the bank’s oldest customers.

In 2014, Financiera Confianza has served 19,729 entrepreneurs in the region of Cajamarca, 58% are women, and for 13% of customers served, i.e. 2,500 people, it was the first time they had used the conventional financial system.

67% of all customers served in the past year in this region were in a vulnerable situation and 14% of this group were able to escape poverty with the bank’s support. Cajamarca is currently the poorest province in Peru, where 52.2% of its population are in this situation, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Computing.

Currently, Financiera Confianza is present in all regions of Peru to support the productive development of more than half a million customers with its financial services and the company now has the network with the greatest rural outreach in the country.