Banco ADOPEM and Proyecto Capital sign a cooperation agreement

22 October 2013
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM and Proyecto Capital foster the inclusion of vulnerable families in the formal financial system by introducing financial literacy programs to promote savings and products that incentivize entrepreneurship.

Banco ADOPEM and Proyecto Capital signed a technical cooperation agreement to design and implement tools for use in social protection policies, along with others that encourage savings among the population and the financial inclusion of families living in poverty.

The agreement was signed by Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, Executive President of Banco ADOPEM; Eva Carvajal de Toribio, Business Executive Vice-president of Banco ADOPEM, and Yves Moury, Executive Director of Proyecto Capital.

This agreement between the two institutions sets out to reinforce the discipline of regular savings, and generate in people the capacity to invest their own accumulated savings and other sources of funding in personal capital such as productive assets, housing, education, training, and technical assistance, among others.

The agreement also seeks to promote and support learning processes (financial literacy, savings incentives, opening and managing savings account, administering the family budget, productive investment plans), linked to mechanisms that allow people to start or reinforce the processes of accumulating personal assets.

All of this is designed to encourage the advancement of poor families, and to demonstrate the experience of creating and accumulating capital and assets, and their subsequent productive use.