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National Consumer Protection Plan

Supreme Decree 024-2017-PCM

The National Consumer Protection Council has pushed forward the National Consumer Protection & Defence policy, approved by the Council of Ministers under Supreme Decree 006-2017-PCM.

The 2017-2020 National Consumer Protection Plan is an instrument for putting the national consumer defence policy into practice. With its long-term perspective, it will broaden the scope of consumer and user protection, helping to more effectively implement, develop and manage the national integrated consumer protection system, provisions for which are described in article 132 of the Consumer Protection Code.

The decree makes the National Competition and Intellectual Property Protection Institute (Indecopi) responsible for executing and monitoring the plan, and assessing compliance with it through an annual review. If required, it will propose changes to the National Consumer Protection Council. All such proposals should be aligned with the plan’s specific strategic targets.

Finally, it outlines that the plan should be funded from the institutional budgets of the departments involved, in their respective areas of authority, under the annual public-sector budget laws, without using additional public treasury resources.