Delivering Through Diversity

McKinsey & Company

In this report, the consultants McKinsey present their main conclusions from research conducted on over 1,000 companies in 12 countries, in a follow-up to their 2015 report, Why diversity matters.

Comparing the data from 2015, there is evidence of greater awareness of inclusion and diversity: many successful companies view these two values as sources of competitive advantage and growth accelerators. This confirms the importance, at a global level, of the increasing correlation between diversity (more women and a greater mix of ethnicities and cultures in the leadership of major corporations) and a company’s financial performance.  Among other conclusions, the report points to the following:

  • The relationship between diversity and economic performance has persisted since the initial analysis in 2015
  • Women having leadership roles increases the likelihood of raising a company’s profitability
  • Diversity must be understood in the broad sense: not just gender, but also ethnicity and culture
  • There is a performance penalty when there is no diversity or inclusion in companies
  • Local context matters in the implementation of practices and policies to encourage inclusion and diversity

To explain the results, the report used the business models of 17 companies representing all major regions and multiple industries. It looks at where diversity matters most in the organization, and how these leading companies have successfully harnessed the potential of inclusion and diversity to meet their growth objectives.