Actualidad Colombia

Minimum free financial services pack

Bill 054/2018

Colombia's Congress has passed Bill 054/2018 requiring entities authorized to take deposits from the public and charge handling fees on the service, to provide a minimum pack of free financial products and/or services linked to savings accounts and debit/credit cards.

Free financial products and services

The Bill's provisions are the same as those contained in the previous draft, discussed in Progreso 9. It includes the composition of the minimum package which must be offered at no further cost to holders of savings accounts, debit or credit cards, as well as those doing transactions over other touchpoints.

The minimum package will provide access to at least three of the pre-established products or services, depending on the product that the customer has chosen. These free-to-the-user packages are as follows:

  • Savings account: checkbook or bank passbook for savings accounts, domestic deposits, counter withdrawals using checkbook or passbook at branches other than the one where the account is held, paper copy of bank statement, banking certificates and issuance of cashier's checks
  • Debit cards: withdrawals from the institution's own proprietary or third-party teller network, inquiries using the institution's proprietary or third-party teller network, banking certificates and domestic deposits
  • Credit cards: withdrawals against the credit account from the same institution or others, withdrawals of credit over the counter in the branch office, balance inquiries in the proprietary teller and replacement as a result of wear and tear

The Bill also forbids charging for failed ATM transactions and establishes the requirement on entities covered by this law to inform users of the products and services contained in the minimum package, and to inform them that they will be able to use this pack at no further cost in the corresponding month.