Expert in underprivileged Latina communities’ development, named as new Chair of BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Anna Escobedo Cabral is internationally renowned for defending underprivileged Latina communities. Granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, her humble beginnings pushed her to juggle work and studies, turning her into the first of her family to graduate from high school, and the first to enter university.

With her vocation to serve others, she became director of the Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (which includes 16 of the largest Hispanic companies in the country) and the Smithsonian Latino Center, which is part of the prestigious research and education institution based in Washington.

Her professional career has made her the 42nd Treasurer of the United States. During the last ten years, she has steered the external relations at the Inter-American Development Bank, especially with the U.S. Congress and Senate, as well as with the governments of the 26 countries that are part of the institution. Among her achievements is giving higher visibility on issues such as youth training programs, women’s role in the economy, and microfinance.



BBVAMF’s new Chair of the Board of Trustees considers that access to education is crucial, and that financial education is a lever for progress. “What makes a difference for the most disadvantaged to cross the poverty line, is our ability to reach out to them”, she claims, often looking back to acknowledge her mentor, who believed in her, and was essential for her admission to university.

“What makes a difference for the most disadvantaged to cross the poverty line, is our ability to reach out to them”

Her appointment as leader of the highest governing body of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation is in line with its commitment to promote the economic and social development of people living in vulnerable conditions in Latin America. The new Chair takes the helm from international microfinance expert, Claudio González Vega and his management, which has consolidated the Foundation as one of the highest impact philanthropic initiatives in the region, and a reference for leading international organizations such as the United Nations. González Vega will continue to serve the Board as one of its members, contributing with his vision and experience, as he has been doing during the past decade.

Once again, neutrality is reinforced with the appointment of an independent person as Board Chair. Furthermore, with the integration of new member and fellow expert in development, Ana Revenga, the Board now reaches a female majority, similar to the more than two million entrepreneurs served by BBVAMF, 60% of whom are women.