Financiera Confianza appoints Elizabeth Nava as new director

5 December 2016
Financiera Confianza

Elizabeth Nava Salinas replaces Luis José Giove as director of Financiera Confianza, a member bank of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation. With 25 years’ experience in the microfinance sector, this Bolivian economist joins the bank’s Board of Directors, which already has four women among its eight members.

During her professional career, Nava has been General Manager, Commercial Manager and Risks Manager at the Bolivian bank FIE. There she was a member of the team that designed the individual microcredit technology in Bolivia, among others.

Her joining Financiera Confianza will contribute to the bank’s good performance and the achievement of its goals and mission, which thanks to its own methodology works to drive the sustainable development of the most underprivileged people.

Last year, Financiera Confianza served over 93,000 new customers, of which 81% are vulnerable and 23% come from the rural sector. 52% of all customers are women. Thanks to the bank’s support, 22,000 women joined the financial system in 2015.

Financiera Confianza Board of Directors: four men and four women

Nava’s joining Financiera Confianza brings to the fore the financial institution’s gender equality policy. Along with her, the Board is made up of Ramón Feijóo López (Chairman), Elizabeth Matilde Ventura Egoavil (Vice-Chairwoman), Ignacio Rojas-Marcos Castelló (Director), Mercedes Gómez Restrepo (Director), Javier M. Flores Moreno (Director), Carlos Héctor Alayza Bettocchi (Director) and Bárbara Castro Segura (Board Secretary).