The teacher who succeeded in setting up his own school

This is the story of Miguel Dadus, a teacher whose dream was to found a different, more modern, sort of school, with a new system that helps children to be more creative and makes teaching more dynamic… and who achieved it.

The school bears his name, “Profesor Miguel Dadus” and has been open for over 13 years. At the beginning the building had wooden walls and a tin roof, but his energy and effort made this entrepreneur apply to Banco Adopem for his first loan. This meant that his school could adapt to the students’ different requirements, as well as to the need for more teachers and better facilities, all possible thanks to that first loan.

Adopem has stayed with Miguel Ángel as he has built on his dream. Thanks to the seven loans he has taken out with the institution, his school now has morning and afternoon shifts, providing pre-school, primary and middle-school education, English and French classes, a library and IT. He feels supported by everyone: “All these years we have been able to grow, alongside the community that supports our educational vocation”, adding that when he arrives at his Banco Adopem branch office, he feels at home too, thanks to the way the employees look after him and because he knows that he is fully supported by the institution.