“The people at Financiera Confianza are the best, they believed in me”

In the Peruvian city of Pisac, Carlos Romero spends his days sowing corn and cattle farming.  Although he has been working on the land for 30 years, things weren’t always so good. A friend suggested he contact Financiera Confianza, where he found the help he needed.

To start with he only had a tractor to work with, but with the loans the institution gave him, he was able to buy a plough, a ridger and a cultivator to make farming tasks easier.

That changed his life completely. His finances improved and he was able to keep his business going, his home and, most importantly, his family. Together with his wife, he sells his products both to the domestic market in Peru, and abroad. “My aim is to expand a little, with more hectares, buying from other farmers and to export more corn to Japan and Spain”, he explains.

This entrepreneur dreams of expanding his business and buying able to give his children and grandchildren the opportunity to go to university. He is grateful to Financiera Confianza for the huge support they gave him from the very beginning. Also to the officer who looks after them, whom he views as “a very good friend” and in whom he put his trust, so that he could build a path towards the progress they have made together. “For me, they are the best because they believed in me”, the entrepreneur assures us,talking proudly about his achievements.