The Amigotchi program, one of the 10 most innovative social initiatives in 2016

Introducing Simón, the virtual character that trains employees in the BBVA Microfinance Foundation Group, and who has just been chosen as one of the 10 most innovative social initiatives in 2016 by the magazine Compromiso Empresarial.

According to this publication, the BBVAMF “has developed an innovative training idea for its coordinators and office managers who work on the ground helping underprivileged homes and businesses and entrepreneurs from low-income households.”

This tool trains the supervisors in the BBVAMF’s over 500 branches in Latin America in team management. “This program is aimed at helping our middle management to train high-performance teams that are increasingly effective at materializing our mission. People who are engaged with our customers’ success”, says Fabián Goldberg, head of the Foundation’s Microfinance Campus.


“Amigotchi” is a training app of the BBVAMF Group

Thanks to a mobile app, Simón, the virtual Amigotchi character, becomes a constant companion and requires attention throughout the day. He presents the user with real situations that need to be resolved.

Over 350 projects were submitted to the competition by Compromiso Empresarial and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).