Starting out when all you have is hope

Tiodoro is the owner of a grocery store, in the Pintada de Coclé area. This entrepreneur is well known in his community as a generous person, with great people skills and, above all, as a role model.

The first years of his marriage were difficult; he lost his job and he and his wife didn’t have anywhere to live, so they set up home on land that belonged to his brother. As he couldn’t find a job, he decided to set up his own business, using the USD 300 settlement from his previous job. But he needed support to carry on increasing his capital and his sales.

It was in 2003 when he learned about Microserfin, BBVAMF’s institution in Panama, which gave him an opportunity with his first loan of USD 700. Tiodoro is very grateful to the institution because it has been his ally for several years, making it viable for him to expand his business and through that help his family and community. The growth of his business has meant that his four children have had the education he could not.

He currently owns four areas of farmland in different plots, which he uses to graze his cows, whose meat he sells in his grocery. What he can’t sell in his store he gives away to other people in his community.

Tiodoro has been running his business for over 23 years and has been a client of Microserfin for 12. The last loan he applied for was for USD 10,650. His hard work, careful management and the support of his family have meant that Tiodoro has the life he deserves.