“I’ve changed lives with my business”

Floralba Lucumí talks about her life, her business and her family with passion. This Bancamía entrepreneur is the mother of three children whom she has brought up thanks to her hard work, working different jobs. She started as a baker, then she grew pineapples for a time, bred animals and sowed sugar cane on a rented plot of land.

But however hard she worked, these businesses did not enable her to climb out of poverty. She didn’t have the money to work the land and pay for day laborers, so she turned to Bancamía, who believed in her business project and provided her first loan. “I went to the office opening in the municipality of Jamundí, where they explained everything and I become one of the pioneers in the bank”, she recalls.

The option the institution gave her of paying off the loan in monthly installments was fundamental for her to see whether it was possible to make a success of the venture. “Four years ago my life changed in a very positive way, now I’m not afraid of anyone, because I know whether to go. Just think, I started with only one plot, now I have six”, she continues.

“Now I’m not afraid of anyone, because I know whether to go”

Floralba describes her business with pride. She said that during the year that the cane sugar crop takes to mature, she employs 13 people who help with the tasks of fumigation, fertilization, cleaning, draining and harvesting. This success has enabled her to generate jobs and support development in her region. “Through my business, I feel that I have been able to change lives”.