Myladys, in charge of her time and her future

“Chimis”, as these popular beef sandwiches are known, are a classic of Dominican cooking and much loved in the country. On one of the busiest streets in the Cristo Rey quarter, Miladys sets up her stall every day to sell her delicious “chimis” to passers by, a business which has allowed her to forge her own future. Ordering is easy: in under five minutes the customer can enjoy their sandwich, prepared with Miladys’ secret recipe, a semi-spicy sauce that gives it a characteristic tangy flavour.

For this woman, starting her own business and becoming the mistress of her time and her future have been one of her great achievements. She used to sell clothes, milk, cheap pies and simple bread loaves. But there were long hours and not much income, no more than DOP 200-300 (EUR 4-6) a day, so she decided to expand her range of products.

For that she had help from Banco Adopem, and feels that it is thanks to this that she has got to where she is today. The institution has contributed to the development of her business with a number of loans and has always been by her side in all her enterprises, until she arrived at where she is today, her D’Miladys Mofongo stand. A business with earnings that have enabled her to pay for her own house, a car and the most important thing: for her children to be able to study.