Woman, mother and entrepreneur journeying towards success

It was on Esperanza (Hope) Avenue, as chance would have it, in the Ate district, where Lucy challenged the opinions of those around her. A woman can’t drive a motorcycle-taxi, they said, let alone make
a living from it.

Lucy García, female entrepreneur of BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s MFI in Peru, Financiera Confianza

Lucy not only had to cope with her husband leaving her, but also with the dificult task of bringing up her children. But there are few things stronger than the determination of a woman, of a mother in charge of her family. She admits that it was anything but easy, but she never let herself give up. That is probably one of the secrets of her success, and what has led to her winning the first prize for the Microentrepreneur of the Year in Peru in the Trade category of PREMIC 2017.

Supported by Financiera Confianza, the Foundation’s institution in Peru, Lucy went from driving a motorcycle-taxi to managing a whole fleet of them, providing jobs for more than 200 families in her community. What is more, one of her daughters is currently a partner in the company, while the rest are all accomplished professionals.

Underestimating a woman like her is a common mistake. Aside from these women’s daily grind, they also have to prove that they are indeed as capable as men and deserve to be treated in the same way.

Their eforts do not go unnoticed, and the United Nations has dedicated one of its SDGs to gender equality, as a driver of economic growth, but above all, as a basic human right. SDG 5 is a call to the whole world to acknowledge the work of women in changing things and transforming the world.