Microloans that change lives

María Aurora Múnera says that, at 52 years old, she has a lifestyle she could never even have imagined, because her business has finally enabled her to make her dreams come true. This entrepreneur, who was born in the municipality of Frontino (Antioquía) and lives in Medellín, tells us how her life changed thanks to Bancamía.

25 years ago, after separating from her husband and leaving her job as a sous pastry chef in Medellín’s Club Unión, María Aurora decided she was going to be an independent business woman so that she could spend more time with her son, and become self-sufficient.

She started off selling cheese straws door to door, which earned her the nickname of “María Straws” in her neighborhood and in a large part of the city. Then she decided to sell her house and open a fast food restaurant, extending her business offering by selling more labor-intensive dishes and creating jobs for several people.

María Aurora dreams of buying another house and setting up an ice cream business

As of today this entrepreneur has taken out over 20 loans.  “Not everything is about the money, it’s not only about what you pay: I pay for quality and the enjoyment of seeing the faces of the manager and the officers who are always so kind and look after me so well”, she says with a smile.

Now she is setting herself new challenges; she dreams of buying another house and of setting up an ice cream business. She is convinced that the bank will carry on helping her as it always has. María Aurora is the living proof that “the success of its clients is the success of de Bancamía”.