ADOPEM’s banking subagents provide service in 40 points in the Dominican Republic

14 January 2015
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM has consolidated its network of banking subagents (BSAs) in 2014, setting up 40 service points in popular areas of several towns of the Dominican Republic with the aim of offering its products and services to local entrepreneurs. From June to December, the BSAs carried out 22,071 transactions, primarily loan payments, deposits and referred customers, for an amount of RD$54,416,111.09.

Banking subagents are service points that Banco ADOPEM sets up in commercial premises such as groceries, wine shops, drugstores, spare part stores, dry-goods stores, etc. located in strategic points in Santo Domingo, outlying neighborhoods and rural areas in the interior of the country to act as banking correspondents. The aim is to facilitate carrying out financial operations such as withdrawals, account and loan balance inquiries, and receipt of loan and savings account applications, among others.

This way, the institution fulfills its commitment to offering credit opportunities to the most disadvantaged sectors that are not served by the traditional financial system, so they can develop their small businesses.