Trust, a driver of development

Quintín lives in the peasant commune of Cuello Grande, in Pisac. 54 years old, he is a natural entrepreneur. He has a carpentry business and another in rural tourism, and completes his income with agriculture and stockbreeding.

Since he learned about Financiera Confianza in 2013 he has been able to make improvements to his workshop and bring his herd up to 60 sheep, which he sells at farm fairs in the region. He is well known in his village.

He wants to make a success of what he does and he knows he can do it. Although he was surprised at first that a bank would have the word “trust” in its name, he tells us that now, just as the entity trust him, so he trusts them.

As well as that, he likes the way the officers look after him. Even though he lives somewhere which is hard to reach, they go and visit him regularly by motorcycle.

“I find the follow-up that they do is very helpful. They ask you what you’re doing, where, what you have invested in and how. And if you don’t understand, they talk to you in Quechua”, he explains. 

As his enterprises grow, Quintín is setting himself new challenges. For the moment, nothing has been able to stop him. Now, he wants to expand the products in his workshop and make bricks and tiles, making the most of the fact that he lives in an area with clay soil. He needs resources to do this, but he knows that with support from Financiera Confianza, it is not an impossible dream.

Thanks to his work, he can bring up his five children. That is why, from the mountains of Pisac, every day he thinks up new ways of getting ahead that will give him and his family a better future.