Our Culture

Our Values

Our Code of Conduct

The BBVAMF Group Code of Conduct reflects the values that guide the personal and professional commitment we have to achieve our purpose, while respecting the applicable regulations, the internal norms of all the Group’s entities, as well as the diversity which enables us to work in different cultural settings.

This is the behavioral benchmark, one that has been accepted by all the employees of the Group, independently of their responsibility or role, with the objective of meeting the moral and professional standards our activity demands.

Code of Conduct
of the BBVAMF Group

Our Principles of Respect for Diversity

To complement the Code of Conduct, the BBVAMF Group subscribes to the “Principles of Respect for Diversity” which promotes equal opportunities and inclusion in all areas, since it forms part of the Group’s culture and values

The Principles establish a reference framework to be taken into account in all activities and serve as a guideline for  relationships  with entrepreneurs, colleagues, suppliers and society in general.