First of all a cook, now a business woman, and always a dreamer

María Paola is a great example of how hard work and effort can change your life. With support from Microserfin, this entrepreneur started selling her tortillas and pies, made with an old corn grinder she had at home. Little by little and always supported by BBVAMF, she has grown as a business woman and now manages several businesses. Among them, the sale of beauty and natural health products. She has also enlarged her home, adding more bedrooms that she rents to anyone who needs a room.

“Women, you have a future with Microserfin. You can do it, if I could”. This is the message that María Paola gives to those women who are in situations similar to the one she was in. Thanks to the loans the institution extended to her, she has been able, as she herself says, “to make progress every day and make something big”. For the future, far from giving up, she wants to start up new businesses, and will continue getting help from the institution.