School campaign: Confianza gives away insurance with all its loans to guarantee the education of its customers’ children

Financiera Confianza grants its customers free insurance for school fees.

30 January 2015
Financiera Confianza

Martín Santa María, associate general business manager of Financiera Confianza, highlighted the institution’s commitment to guaranteeing the wellbeing of its customers and their loved ones.

This year during the months of the school year, Financiera Confianza will give away free insurance to any customer who obtains loans through any of its products in order to guarantee the continuity of their children’s education in the event of the loanholder’s accidental death.

This means that until 14th March, all the entrepreneurs who wish to equip themselves for the school year and obtain loans from Confianza will automatically receive insurance for school fees and free interment, which will remain valid throughout 2015.

Martín Santa María, associate general business manager of Financiera Confianza, said that they chose this benefit for their customers because as a member institution of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, they not only provide easier access to loans for disadvantaged sectors in the country, but also support their customers’ progress and wellbeing and that of their families.

“We want to offer the possibility that in the event of a customer’s accidental death, their children –the main concern of any family– can continue with their studies uninterruptedly. We want to guarantee this by giving away an insurance policy which will be valid throughout the whole of 2015. We should point out that most of the customers we serve often do not have any insurance or are unfamiliar with the benefits of being insured”, said Santa María.

This campaign is now underway and will be valid for all kinds of loans obtained with Financiera Confianza until 14th March, or while stocks last. At the time of the disbursement, the customer will receive a card for the “Super Protegidos” insurance, which guarantees coverage until 31st December 2015, and an information sheet on the “Super Protegidos” plan provided by the insurance company.

The coverage of the policy guarantees payment of S/.4,500 for school fees in the case of the accidental death of the loanholder, and an additional amount of S/.2,500 for interment due to accidental death.