Banco ADOPEM, winner of the 2016 Argentarium Award for the social impact of its initiatives in the Dominican Republic

22 April 2016
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM has received the 2016 Argentarium Award in recognition of the bank’s work in implementing initiatives designed to advance banking issues in the Dominican Republic, and in protecting their customers.

The Argentarium Award is an initiative bestowed by the financial communications media Argentarium. The award is granted based on an assessment of the institutions that run initiatives on financial literacy, banking inclusion and user protection, and programs aimed at creating a positive impact on society.

Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, executive president of Banco ADOPEM, explained that this award is a recognition of the value of the initiatives implemented in 2015, and of the hard work of the bank’s employees in promoting Productive Finance to allow underprivileged entrepreneurs to develop small businesses, and to give them the opportunity to get ahead and make a better future for themselves and their families.

The award is a motivation to continue with the bank’s mission and philosophy in supporting the Dominican population who are deprived of opportunities, a segment for whom financial inclusion –providing them with financial products and services that are tailored to their needs– is a key element in their development.

Javier M. Flores Moreno, chairman of the Foundation, said that this award was an endorsement of the hard work and the achievements of Banco ADOPEM in 2015.

When he presented the prize, Alejandro Fernández W., executive director of Argentarium, defined Banco ADOPEM as the “sovereign” of the Dominican banking sector, as it creates value in the projects it develops, in addition to being the first to receive the “Smart Campaign” international certification of user transparency.

Attending the presentation event of the 2016 Argentarium Award were Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, who accepted the prize of behalf of Banco ADOPEM; Javier M. Flores Moreno, Chairman of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation; members of the Board of Directors and managers of Banco ADOPEM, and representatives of national and international bodies.