Bancamía supports low-income Colombians in adverse situations through bancassurance programs

26 June 2015

In order to support the economic stability of its customers in difficult situations, Bancamía offers life, funeral and property damage insurance. It is an inclusive, inexpensive and simple offering that enables more Colombians to gain access to insurance to protect their family and their business.

The culture of insurance is often associated with situations where a home or business has surplus cash to have access to protection to minimize the consequences of an unexpected event that might affect the economic stability of the family.

The products available on the Colombian market entail different exclusions that make it difficult for low-income Colombian entrepreneurs to take out insurance. These exclusions are related, for example, to the types of construction (wood, adobe, tiles), the location (areas prone to landslides), the activities (work using wood, cotton or paint) or the ground (insurance does not cover damage caused by earthquakes). Other products are expensive, even after including government subsidies, and are aimed at high-tech farmers, or are policies designed for a single crop (they do not insure an entire plot that could produce three products at the same time) or the compensation offered is insufficient.

With the aim of offering a comprehensive, added-value and low-cost protection program, Bancamía has developed strategic partnerships with socially committed insurance companies willing to effectively meet the needs of underprivileged entrepreneurs to build a portfolio of products that include life, funeral and property damage insurance.

In life insurance, the price of the monthly premium starts at $4,650; in funeral insurance, the amount is $4,800 (up to 6 members of the family group are insured); and in property damage insurance the cost is $6,911 (with coverage throughout the country).

These products eliminate many exclusions that exist in the market today and limit the opportunity of overcoming the uncertainty of people facing an unfortunate event that could lead them to difficult situations such as having to ask for an informal loan, obtaining liquidity with the support of their family or friends or being forced to sell their belongings, which would aggravate their situation of poverty.

To offer citizens the opportunity to take out insurance, a number of products have been created with a lower number of exclusions, minimal paperwork for filing a claim, fast response times in the event of an accident, payment facilities, and high added value. In addition to communication in plain language and a team specializing in dealing with claims and compensation that provides efficient help in covering accidents*.

Bancamía applies the concept of Relational Banking, which it also extends to bancassurance. The advisers are close to the customers, showing an interest in their lives, goals, priorities and dreams, working to create a culture of financial services with responsible advice that generates inclusion through knowledge. This promotes the culture of insurance.


* Group policies taken by Bancamía for its customers with BBVA Seguros de Vida Colombia S.A. (life and funeral) and AIG Seguros Colombia S.A. (property damage).