A video from the UN encouraging people’s participation to meet the 17 SDGs

“We can be, we must be, the first generation to end poverty. The most determined generation to fight against injustices and inequalities. The generation that saves the planet from climate change.” Thus begins the United Nations’ video ‘We The People’ for The Global Goals where personalities from different fields support the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included in the 2030 UN Agenda. These goals aim to mobilize actions from governments, civil society and the business sector to erradicate poverty and promote dignified living with equal opportunities.

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation, with its mission to promote social and economic development, is aligned with the SDGs impacting in 9 of them. In 2015, through its contribution to the SDGs, the Foundation was chosen as one of the 13 institutions comprising the Private Sector Advisory Group by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Fund. This Advisory Group provides strategic support to the UN in meeting the best results in sustainable development.

This video shows the need for a joint cooperation among governments, civil society, private sector and the global community to overcome the challenges of the present world and make it a better and more just place for the future generations.