Beekeeping: a venture that benefits environmental sustainability

20th of May has been declared World Bee Day by the United Nations. For many, it may seem like an ordinary day, but the truth is that safeguarding these creatures as well as other pollinators- butterflies, bats and hummingbirds-, allows plants to reproduce, including various food crops.

Andrea Presinal, an entrepreneur from Banco Adopem living in Bani (Dominican Republic), knows how important bees are for preserving the environment. This is why she decided to pursue beekeeping as a full-time job. She emphasizes that “we have to respect the bees because these insects, together with other bugs, are in charge of pollination.”


She is passionate about bees, which made her decide to work in bee farming since more than 13 years ago. The first time she came in contact with these insects was when she was very young, but as an adult, she began to love what would become her future source of income.

According to her, “the bees are a perfectly organized society, where each member does his part, and even though each one’s contribution is so little, they achieve their goals”, she says excitedly. She explains that what impresses her most is the way the insects are organized, whose lives span to a maximum of 45 days.

This is a tough but rewarding job, “first of all, one has to know the area of work, see where the hives would be best located. They couldn’t be placed anywhere. They have to have water nearby, and be sheltered from strong winds. One has to be absolutely calm when approaching them because bees feel the adrenaline and they would feel the need to defend themselves, and could attack”, she shares.

This female entrepreneur from the BBVAMF’s Dominican institution, tells how she can extract up to 6 tanks of honey from over 100 hives.

Her story shows us that even though she has a complex livelihood which demands hard work, nothing is impossible when done with passion, especially if the profession that you love is saving Mother Nature at the same time.

Carla Grandón, Communications Fondo Esperanza