Microserfin obtains Mix Market’s 5 Diamonds ranking

It has achieved 5 Diamonds in the Mix Market ranking improving the transparency, quality and reliability of financial information.

2 December 2014

Microserfin received the highest award given by Mix Market and The Central American and the Caribbean Microfinance Network (Redcamif).

This award is given annually to microfinance institutions that keep their commitment to send their financial information helping to sustain an atmosphere of transparency and quality of information.

The allocation of diamonds is performed according to the following classification:

  • Level 1: General information.
  • Level 2: Comply with Level 1 and data on scope and impact.
  • Level 3: Comply with Levels 1 and 2 and financial data.
  • Level 4: Comply with Levels 1 – 3 plus the audit report.
  • Level 5: Comply with Levels 1 – 4 plus risk ratings.

Microfinance institutions that achieve 4 and 5 diamonds receive Transparency Certificates.

Microserfin currently serves more than 14,000 low-income entrepreneurs, 50% are poor or vulnerable, and 46% are women. 20% of its customers previously lived in poverty, its sales have increased 6.6% year on year and 28% have generated additional jobs for 6,935 people.

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