Microserfin shortlisted in the “Entrepreneurial Innovation Award 2014”

7 April 2014

Microserfin, with its product Casafin, was a finalist in the “Entrepreneurial Innovation Award 2014”, granted by Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and Senacyt to Panamanian companies who have created innovative products or services, or who have used some type of innovative process in creating their products.

CASAFIN is a program that supports access to credit for housing improvements for low-income entrepreneurs who work from their homes. The program is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of these families, and particularly those without access to the banking sector and to mortgages.

This is the only program with Technical Building Assistance (ATC), consisting of a series of activities designed to motivate, guide and support clients in the correct construction of their homes in terms of safety, sanitation, comfort and functionality.

This distinction reinforces Microserfin’s mission to aid in the sustainable and inclusive economic and social development of low-income sectors of the population in Panama through Productive Finance.

Their daily work consists of developing financial products and services to provide access to credit for low-income entrepreneurs, and support them as they grow with training and advice to help them develop their productive activities and guarantee a better quality of life for them and their families.