Microserfin trains over 150 farmers

Training of farmers in Panama thanks to Ruralfin.

15 October 2014

Two years after its creation, Ruralfin has succeeding in improving the quality of life of over 3,000 producers and their families with an investment of over $3.5 million, thus reinforcing the bank’s commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive economic and social development for the people of Panama in lower-income sectors through Responsible Productive Finance.

Microserfin has launched its third agricultural training course in Ruralfin, a program which was created to provide access to loans and offer support, advice and training to small producers in Panama in the subjects of agriculture, individual livestock farming and value chains for marketing their products.

During the fair in Santa Fe (Darién), over 150 producers from the areas of La Palma, Jaque, Río Congo, Agua Fría, Santa Fe and Meteti were given training. Professionals from the Panama Institute of Agricultural Research (IDIAP) and the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS/OMS) delivered talks on agriculture and livestock farming, and keys for growing safer fruits and vegetables, respectively.

Ruralfin provides loans for investment in working capital and fixed assets, with guarantees that are accessible to small producers at the base of the pyramid. Microserfin has a team of 35 specialized officers who reach some of the remotest areas in the country, and offers a progressive plan through which it supports producers with assistance and training as they develop their productive activities.