Women, household ‘superheroines’

31 May 2017
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM has celebrated Mother’s Day with over 750 women guests to raise awareness on the role of ‘Supermum’, whose hard work and effort keeps their families afloat day after day.

Mercedes Canalda, Executive President of the BBVAMF’s institution in the Dominican Republic, offered some words of welcome, stating that the purpose of the event was to recognize all the qualities that make Dominican mothers true ‘superheroines’.

The day’s activities were also supported by Nestlé Dominicana and its Plan Barrio Nestlé (Nestlé Neighborhood Plan), which offers women, in collaboration with Banco ADOPEM, the opportunity to manage their own businesses and earn more income.

During the event, Miguel Belliard, country manager of Nestlé Dominicana, presented the ‘Microfranquicias Plan Barrio?’ ‘Microfranchising Neighborhood Plan’, which was followed by Clara Luz Caba’s testimony, a Nestlé micro-distributor, who described her own professional experience. Next up was Sharon Aiko Manno, from the European Management School [Escuela Europea de Gerencia] who gave a lecture titled “Woman in the Balance”, designed to promote self-esteem and to empower women.