Vulnerable people enjoy a unique opportunity with Jordi Roca, one of the world’s top pastry chefs

  • Entrepreneurs with small businesses in the restaurant and food sector attended a talk in Santiago de Chile given by the chef at the Celler de Can Roca, considered the best restaurant in the world in 2015.
  • The BBVA Microfinance Foundation, aligned with and recognized for its fulfillment of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and Jordi Roca, one of the Roca brothers appointed as UN goodwill ambassadors, joined forces to help vulnerable people.

Around fifty people from vulnerable sectors had the chance to listen first hand to one of the world’s top pastry chefs in a meeting organized by Fondo Esperanza, an institution belonging to the BBVA Microfinance Foundation Group (BBVAMF) in Chile, and the BBVA.

In a preliminary meeting prior to the gastronomic tour by El Celler de Can Roca, the restaurant run by the Roca brothers –who are BBVA ambassadors–, Jordi took some time out to share his experiences with some of the Foundation’s low-income entrepreneurs who work every day to improve their future by cooking in their own small businesses.

The activity took place at the Universidad Católica as part of a talk entitled “Jordi Roca, the sweet world of El Celler de Can Roca”, where the chef shared his recipes with the audience.

About the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and the SDGs

The BBVAMF is a non-profit organization that supports small businesses run by disadvantaged individuals in Latin America, using Productive Finance to improve their future.

It has been recognized by the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF) for its contribution to eradicating poverty, and its support of decent work, economic growth, and gender equality. The BBVAMF belongs to the UN’s Private Sector Advisory Group constituted by the SDGF.

About the Roca brothers and the SDG

Joan, Jordi and Josep Roca, owners of El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, were the first goodwill ambassadors appointed by the UN for the defense and promotion of the new SDGs.

In a speech at the United Nations, one of the brothers, Josep Roca, summarized the challenge they are facing and their social commitment in these words: “We have to achieve an environmentally sustainable, socially fair and economically inclusive food chain that guarantees everyone has access to food”.