The BBVA Microfinance Foundation attends the twice-yearly meeting of the United Nations Private Sector Advisory Group

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation (BBVAMF) has taken part in the twice-yearly meeting of the Private Sector Advisory Group for the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF) created by the UN in April 2015, held at the United Nations headquarters in New York. This latest meeting focused on defining future collaboration programs between the United Nations system and the business sector.

Tula Ducasse from the Foundation’s Communications and External Relations Department was present at this international meeting. “The Foundation promotes sustainable and inclusive economic and social development for disadvantaged sectors of society by means of Productive Financing. And it does so with a unique and differential model characterized by its focus on efficient and expert management”, explained Ducasse.

The Foundation is one of the 13 institutions chosen by the Fund to serve on the Advisory Group, due to the alignment of their mission and activity to the SDGs, which work towards eradicating poverty and supporting economic growth and gender equality, among other goals.

The recent report by the UN entitled “Working together towards the Sustainable Development Goals: (SDG): Framework for Action“, compiled by the Harvard Kennedy School and Business Fights Poverty, considers the Foundation to be a case study, thanks to its contribution. The document highlights as good practice the Social Performance Report published annually by the Foundation and its contribution to the debate on social measurement.

Coinciding with the presentation of the report, Javier M. Flores Moreno, chairman of the BBVAMF, indicated in an opinion article with the title Financial services for sustainable development, published on the official website of the SDG Fund, that the BBVA Microfinance Foundation supports sustainable inclusive economic and social development for underprivileged individuals in Latin America through Productive Financing.

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About the Sustainable Development Goals Fund

The Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG-F) is a mechanism for co-operation and development set up in 2014 by the UNDP in representation of the United Nations system in order to support sustainable development activities through integrated and multidimensional joint programs. At the same time it also intends to extend its activities to promote sustainable development, particularly by building on partnerships for development between the public and private sector.

For a more effective alignment between the public-private partners and sustainable development, it has set up a Private Sector Advisory Group, comprising the heads of large corporations from several sectors worldwide. These organizations are helping the Fund to build a road map that explains in detail how these alliances can provide large-scale solutions to achieve the new SDG.


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