Four ventures that make the most out of summer season

The prospect of sun, beach and warm weather make summer the perfect season to travel the world and discover different places. That is why many entrepreneurs take the chance to craft and sell products to attract tourists.

In the coastal areas, small businesses by the beach are a good way to itnterest buyers and boost sales. Ranging from homemade empanadas, to handmade trinkets, any kind of merchandise could be appealing to travelers who spend summertime by the sea.

This is how Viviana, Santo, Jaime or María found the way to run a business as a livelihood. All of them were able to do it through the support of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (BBVAMF). Thanks to their determination and talent, they are able to support their families everyday. At present, they map out new ambitions, challenges and goals which they hope to reach with the help of the Foundation.

1. Wooden carvings by the beach


2. Handcrafted waffles to sweeten the summer


3. Marine-inspired leather


4. Homemade empanadillas at the seafront