Banco ADOPEM, the only financial institution to obtain top financial and social ratings

28 April 2014
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM has increased its financial rating to ALPHA PLUS (α+) with a Stable trend according to the report by MicroRate, achieving the top score and making it the only financial institution to attain this level of excellence.

It has also raised its Social Rating to FOUR AND A HALF STARS (4.5) with a Stable outlook, and its Social Result and Social Commitment are in the Excellent range.

MicroRate is the Washington-based private international rating agency dedicated to assessing risk in microfinance institutions. he report by its International Committee highlights that the excellent financial situation of Banco ADOPEM is the result of a well-developed integrated management. These data were the underlying reason for the increase in the sub-score for the financial profile from ALPHA (α) to ALPHA PLUS (α+).

Mention was also made of the depth of the niche in the case of the Dominican microcredit, one of the lowest observed by the rating agency, which also noted its scope -covering most of the national territory and offering an ample spread of its products “adapted to the customer’s profile”.

Banco ADOPEM has had an exceptional performance in microfinance with a much higher level of development within the institutions rated by MicroRate, and now stands as a reference in the sector, with an excellent environment of good governability and a highly committed management team.

“Banco ADOPEM attains the top scores awarded in the current ratings. This rating is endorsed by its significant advances in the management of social development. Banco ADOPEM successfully achieves a social-financial balance which is so rarely seen in microfinance institutions” according to the report.

Banco ADOPEM belongs to the group of microfinance institutions within the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, the number one operator in volume of customers with individual methodology in Latin America. Today the Foundation serves 1.5 million customers and has paid out $6.018 billion in loans through its eight microfinance institutions in seven countries in the region, making an impact on the lives of 8 million people.