Banco ADOPEM signs an agreement with the Universidad Nacional Evangélica to guarantee education loans for students

11 November 2015
Banco Adopem

The savings and loan bank ADOPEM and the Universidad Nacional Evangélica (UNEV) have signed an education loan agreement to enable the inclusion, continuation and completion of their studies by students enrolled in the courses at this university campus in the Dominican Republic.

The young people formally enrolled or who wish to enroll in the UNEV, and who meet the eligibility requirements for Banco ADOPEM’s education loan program, will receive funding from the bank.

Banco ADOPEM will cover the costs of enrollment, maintenance (transport, books or copies) and the equipment required for their university studies.

Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, executive president of Banco ADOPEM; Eva Carvajal de Toribio, the bank’s Business executive vice-president, and Wilfredo Ildefonso Mañón Rossi, rector of the UNEV, all signed the collaboration agreement.

Canalda de Beras-Goico said the commitment acquired by the two institutions was an excellent opportunity to support academic training for people who wish to embark on or continue their university studies.

For the rector of UNEV, the aim of the agreement is to provide economic assistance to 15,000 active university students in the institution and help them successfully complete their university degree. The agreement was signed for one year, and can be renewed.

Banco ADOPEM’s mission is to improve the quality of life of its customers. As part of this commitment, and its social commitment to creating a positive impact on people’s lives, it has set up the ADOPEM Education Loan Unit in order to promote education in the Dominican Republic.

The Unit is well-acquainted with the educational needs and demand for employment in the country, and has created products and services to finance education in order to cover different specific needs. These include funding for high school studies in technical subjects, professional technical studies, undergraduate studies, maintenance and the purchase of equipment.