Banco Adopem and IICA, a joint force to help agricultural producers prosper

Banco Adopem and the representative of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in the Dominican Republic will work together to develop a training program for small agricultural producers. This partnership is part of the project “Promoting sustainable solutions for adapting to climate change to extend the green portfolio and include women rural entrepreneurs, run by BBVAMF’s institution in the country and the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) to support progress in the Dominican countryside.

Agreement between Banco Adopem and IICA to give skills training to dominican agricultural entrepreneurs

The agreement-signing ceremony was attended by the executive president of Banco Adopem, Mercedes Canalda; the vice-president of Business, Eva Carvajal; and the representative of IICA, Gina Rosario Díaz. Both parties have agreed to join forces to identify the marketing potential of the main sectors from the south and south-western areas of the country, and to establish a series of parameters that meet the standards of domestic and international markets. The idea is to upskill the leading producers of agricultural organizations in these areas so that they can upgrade their crops and tap into markets.

IICA’s methodology for strengthening agri-business capacity will be used as supporting material in these training workshops to implement this program, which started in September and will go on until December 2019.