Bancamía advances financial inclusion in post-conflict territories

Bancamía expands its service coverage in Colombia with the opening of a new branch office in San Vicente del Caguán, a municipality that has endured the consequences of the armed conflict for decades. Today, its inhabitants are hopeful and willful, exerting their best efforts to rebuild a peaceful territory based on the economic, productive and social development of its citizens.

This new branch will allow the BBVAMF’s Colombian MFI to serve more entrepreneurs from municipalities under consolidation. This would give them access to financial products and services that contribute to advancing their productive activities.

The launching was done in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Rural Finance Initiatives, which seeks to improve financial inclusion in vulnerable communities in conflict areas so that adapted financial services could be developed for rural farmers, as well as for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Bancamía’s new branch office in San Vicente del Caguán

“In Bancamía, we’re committed to support microentrepreneurs’ productive development. Opening a branch office in San Vicente del Caguán allows us to facilitate access to financial products and services to many entrepreneurs who are peace builders, and catalysts for the region’s economic growth”, shared Miguel Ángel Charria, the MFI’s executive president.

Bancamía already has two offices in the region which give support to 11,380 people, out of the 900 thousand entrepreneurs it serves from all over the country through offices, networks of agents and Banca Móvil (mobile banking).

For the citizens of this municipality, as well as for the neighboring ones, people will find it easier to be granted a loan, open a savings account, a time deposit, get an affordable microinsurance and conduct transactions through Banca Móvil and its network of agents. This way, Bancamía contributes to promote financial inclusion in post-conflict areas which little by little, join in the country’s efforts to build a peaceful territory.