In eight years Bancamía has served over 1.3 million entrepreneurs

The bank’s social performance results reveal an improvement in the quality of life of its customers. After the second year with the bank, 28% rise out of poverty

14 October 2016

Bancamía brings the financial system to underprivileged Colombians and provides them with tools for their productive development. The institution is celebrating eight years of activity dedicated to helping thousands of entrepreneurs with microenterprises to find a bank that supports their progress through Productive Financing.

Since 2008 the bank’s customers have increased by 381%, and it has served over 1.3 million people, most in conditions of poverty. It began with 70,000 customers and currently supports 817,270 entrepreneurs.

Bancamía’s customers improve their quality of life thanks to the progress of their businesses. After two years with the bank, 28% rise up out of poverty. Entrepreneurs see a 24% growth in their sales, 32% in their assets and 30% in their surpluses.

Bancamía has 199 branches in 29 of the 32 departments in Colombia, in 905 municipalities, so low-income Colombians can benefit from the advantages of access to loans, savings accounts, term deposit certificates and insurance.