Banco Adopem acknowledges its employees’ commitment

In recognition of its staff’s excellent performance, the Dominican MFI of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, Banco Adopem, has held its Outstanding Employees of 2018 Awards, where 100 employees and 50 branch offices were acknowledged in categories such as “Integrated Management”, “Efficiency and Productivity”, “Branch of the Year” and “Outstanding Employees of 2018”, among others.

According to Mercedes Canalda, the institution’s executive president, it is no simple task to get co-workers to fully relate to the bank, but it is her greatest satisfaction, since this contributes to the personal growth of each of them, turning them into ambassadors of the institution. “These awards give us the chance to thank all those who are part of the larger Banco Adopem family for their commitment and effort, and to express our especially warm appreciation to the winners for their hard work and the results they have achieved,” she added.

A large number of people attended the event, at which the speakers included Alejandro Fernández W., analyst and General Manager of the Dominican financial platform Argentarium, and the public speaker, Tania Báez.