Gamification as a transformational technique for organizations

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation presented its project “Amigotchi: Simón” during the VI GWCxSpain Executive Edition, the biggest gamification conference for professionals and senior-level managers in Spain.

The conference was held at the Fundación Rafael del Pino, where seven presentations were carried out in masterclass format. Aside from the BBVAMF and Simón, other big names also exhibited their initiatives, namely Procter&Gamble, Gas Natural, Ferrovial, Telefónica, CEPSA and Decathlon. The convention is considered as one of the most important in the country in gamification mindset development , aimed to transform businesses and the society.

During the presentation, Fabián Goldberg and Verónica Dos Santos, from the Microfinance Campus team of the BBVAMF, detailed the characteristics and challenges of this project that has been deployed in five Latin American countries where the Foundation works. Fabián and Veronica asserted that, “Simón is like a team member who poses a series of problems throughout the game. With the solutions we give him, we guide his productivity and commitment.”

Insofar as 2017, the project has received a 100% of positive feedback from more than 500 supervisors and office coordinators who have trained with Simón. By analyzing the game’s results, the team was able to detect which areas need further improvement and at the same time design strategies for implementation. Moreover, interesting conclusions have been derived such as female supervisors motivate their teams 10% more than the average.

Simón was chosen as one of the “10 most innovative social initiatives of 2016”, awarded by CAF and Compromiso Empresarial magazine. In 2017, it also received a special mention at the Capital Humano Awards by Wolters Kluwer Group, under the Innovation Strategy and Digital Transformation category.