The BBVA Microfinance Foundation invited to the International Women’s Day Forum 2016 to talk about the role of women in economic development

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation has participated in the International Women’s Day Forum 2016, an event organized by the UN and the United States Chamber of Commerce to commemorate International Women’s Day

9 March 2016
Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA

At this event, representatives from public and private institutions discussed global solutions aimed at creating opportunities for women around the world. Gender equality is essential for fostering wealth and economic growth in communities.

The FMBBVA was invited to the International Women’s Day Forum 2016 in its capacity as one of the 13 private institutions worldwide that are members of the United Nations’ SDG Fund’s Private Sector Advisory Board, a body that coordinates the efforts of governments, civil society, UN agencies and companies in order to achieve these goals.

Specifically, the UN has published a report recognizing the Foundation’s activity in pursuit of the fulfillment of the goals of eradicating poverty, economic growth, support for decent work, and gender equality.

During the encounter held in the United Nations headquarters in New York, Laura Fernández, Director of Culture and Leadership at the Foundation, took part in the panel entitled “The Future of Inclusive Finance and Women Centered Design”, where she highlighted the need for women to play an active role in the economy and to be allowed to decide freely about their life and future.


La directora del Fondo de Desarrollo de Naciones Unidas, Paloma Durán, con la delegación de la FMBBVA

La directora del Fondo de Desarrollo de Naciones Unidas, Paloma Durán, con la delegación de la FMBBVA

“If women are involved in decisions on the final destination of the economic resources they have available, this has an impact on basic development indicators such as improving their children’s education, nutrition and health. This leads to greater human capital in these countries, and hence to a reduction in poverty and the achievement of four of the Sustainable Development Goals”, said Laura Fernández.

One out of every four women in Latin America is self-employed, and entrepreneurship is an opportunity to advance.

“The poorer the segment of the population, the more discrimination and obstacles women have to overcome if they want to advance. We have seen that there are problems not only in education, but also in the social, economic, cultural and even ideological spheres. We therefore believe that both public and private initiatives must make a point of encouraging policies that promote the development of women in society, and ensure that women have the same rights as men. We are committed to supporting women, particularly in the rural segment, where discrimination and inequality are even greater than in urban areas”, explained Javier M. Flores Moreno, chairman of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation.